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From John:
Project grades:
Customer Service: 10+
Project start lead time: 9
Project completion time: 10+
Craftsmanship: 9
Professionalism: 10
Communication: 10

John’s review From Yelp

This review is a bit long, so let me give you the bottom line first:
Allen and his team at Freedom Renovation provided great service at remarkable speed. Definitely a 5 star effort and I recommend Freedom Renovation with 100% confidence.

My wife and I moved to a new home that needed updating throughout. We were looking to renovate the kitchen, master bath, and laundry room. Additionally, we wanted to replace all of the flooring in the 2500 sq ft home.
Background: I interviewed and received proposals from six contractors. I rated them on:
Ease to work with
Yelp reviews
Google reviews
Buildzone score
Stated lead time
Design recommendations
Proposed cabinet (Sherwin-Williams Paint Finished Cabinets) quality
Initial ROM pricing
3D modeling of the project
I did this first through the interviews and walking each of them through of our home.
After narrowing down to two contractors, I called six of their provided references and evaluated the cabinets each proposed.

I had a couple of significant doubts with Allen’s proposal, 1) the price was significantly lower than the other proposals, and 2) the project completion time (4 weeks) was nearly 50% less than the next best proposal, a feat I was quite skeptical about. With that said, Allen is direct and transparent in his communication. It was apparent Allen knew what he was talking about as he is not just a sales person or project manager, but is actually engaged in the work on a daily basis.

Project prep:
Allen insisted, that for him to make his time commitments, we would need to have everything we were responsible for (selection of cabinets, counter tops, flooring and paint colors, as well as the purchase of any new appliances, faucets, and cabinet hardware) before the start date of the project.

Project start:
Everything was in place and the project started with an estimated completion date 30 days later (yeah, right!) From day one to the end there was not a day when there were fewer than two people working the whole day. Most days, there were 5-8 people on the job. Within two days, all the flooring (50% tile and 50% laminate flooring) was removed and preparation for new flooring (leveling) completed. By day 5, the kitchen, two baths (including a shower and a built in tub), and the laundry room were gutted, kitchen soffits removed, gas and electrical lines rerouted.

Project flexibility:
It is when things do not go smooth that one can test the real character and service of a contractor. We had a couple of bumps in the road, as every project does. There were a couple of miscommuications in the project in which we were not happy with how something turned out. Although we both acknowledged our parts in the misunderstandings, Allen always took responsibility to fix it.
I cannot say enough about Allen, and his team’s, dedication to making sure we were 100% happy with the work and the finished product. This is not easily accomplished with my wife and I. My wife has very keen eye for detail and no shyness about sharing her exceptionally high expectations of quality. And while I pale in light of her perfectionism, I am a Quality Manager and have relatively high expectations myself.

Project completion:
In an attempt to throw Allen off of his game and miss his completion date :), I asked him to add to the project crown molding in most of the house. I also added window trim in the dining, family, and living rooms. In a last ditch effort I asked Allen to replace door trim on several doors that had been beat up over the years. Even at that, Allen’s team wrapped up their work in 3 1/2 weeks!

Project grades:
Customer Service: 10+
Project start lead time: 9
Project completion time: 10+
Craftsmanship: 9
Professionalism: 10
Communication: 10

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