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FREEDOM RENOVATION and DEPART. of CABINETS AND MORE(FR) provides complementary service of drawing and rendering by using paid tool, all parts shown in the system (drawing and rendering) are not the same as FR’s products and color code is different than FR’s products. FR is not reliable for all the missing parts from the drawing and rendering, or any extra parts from the drawing and rendering. FR reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.




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Sherwin-Williams Paint Finished Shaker White Cabinets, Sherwin-Williams Paint Finished Shaker Dark Espresso Cabinets, Grey, Double Grey, Navy Blue, Charcoal Grey, and More

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Cabinets and More may not update the information on this website which modification made by the manufacturer. Especially the size of the cabinets, the color of the photo shown on the website may be different than the actual products. Please come to our showroom to double-check.

Due to real wood cabinets doors and frames, there may be color variation! The buyer has to sign the liability waiver. 

Read the Final Sale Terms and Conditions before you make payment.