11 Vinyl Flooring Advantages

Water Proof100% Water Proof Vinyl Flooring
Scratch ResistantScratch Resistant Vinyl Flooring
High DensityHolds up heavy weight
Color OptionsWide Range of Colors to Choose From
ComfortableVinyl is a kind of "resilient" floor, which means that it has a soft texture. You will feel comfortable when you walk on it. The soft floor can stand for a long time. You can stand on this type of floor for several hours.
Easy to CleanWet mopping can maintain a clean and bright floor
Easy to InstallEvery manufacture has its own locking system for the vinyl flooring. But vinyl installation is ofen several steps.
High sound insulationHigh sound insulation
Excellent thermal insulationExcellent thermal insulation
50 Years of Warranty 50 Years of Warranty